New Zealand Parliamentary Elections on Sept 23, Ruling National Party Eyeing to Defy Anti-Incumbency


Auckland, Aug 24: New Zealand goes to parliamentary polls on September 23, with voting to be held to elect the new Parliament. Out of the 120 parliamentary seats, 49 would be contested using the first past-the-post-system, whereas, the remnant 71 would be contested using the mixed proportional method of representation.

Electioneering is underway across the nation in fu swing, as the poll battle remains evenly poised between the ruling National party and the prime opposition – Labour. As the pre-poll surveys so far, National party holds a slim edge moving into the polls. However, the margin of advantage may disallow the Bill English-language outfit to form the government for a fourth time in a row.

Opinion Polls:

Poll Date National Labour Green NZ First Māori ACT United
Con Mana TOP
UMR Research 5–10 Jul 2017 42 26 13 14
UMR Research 31 Jul 2017 42 23 15 16
UMR Research 1–8 Aug 2017 43 36 8 8
UMR Research 11–17 Aug 2017 40 37 8 9


In the 2014 Parliamentary Elections, National secured a total of 59 seats, one short of the majority mark. It succeeded in forming a minority government with support from Mauro, ACT and United Front, adding a total of 4 seats to its tally.

Since the past 4 general elections, which were held under the revised electoral law, New Zealand has not witnessed a majority government in power with one party securing the halfway mark.

Despite the challenge posed by ruling National party, the Opposition units refrained from forming pre-poll alliance. However, the prospects of the parties uniting after the elections remain intact.


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