Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017: Hindu middle class suffering most under BJP regime, says Congress’ Bharatsinh Solanki


Ahmedabad, April 20: The assembly elections for Gujarat are slated late in the year, with reports claiming that the assembly could be dissolved as late as November. With months ahead of the polls, electioneering ha been initiated in Gujarat. Congress, which has been sitting in the Opposition for past 19 years, would the eye the return of a large section of Hindu electorate to its field.Congress’ state unit chief Bharatsinh Solanki made his intention clear that the party would be offering an alternative to the “majority” by assuring development to the middle class Hindus. While speaking to The Indian Express, Solanki said the community which has suffered the most under BJP includes Hindus – especially the middle class population. Congress aims to unite the middle class of the majoritarian community and offer them an alternative to the BJP, he further added.

On being asked whether the ‘Hindutva’ factor would come into play in the upcoming elections, Solanki said that BJP cannot win the elections using communal tactics anymore. The veteran leader claimed that Hindus of Gujarat will identify themselves more with the Congress than the BJP. He further opined that the misconception of Congress catering only to Dalits and Muslims no longer exists among the middle class Hindu electorate.

The Gujarat assembly poll would be a battle of pride for the BJP under Amit Shah and Narendra Modi. After the latter was elevated as the Prime Minister, BJP eidently saw turbulence against its regime in the state, with Dalits of Una and Patidars across the state rising in arms. However, BJP top brass is confident of winning the election, with Shah claiming that the party would secure 2/3rd seats out of the 182-member assembly.


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