French Election Results 2017: Emmanuel Macron defeats Marine Le Pen with decisive mandate

The results of Presidential elections in France would be declared today after 18:00 GMT. Stay tuned below for live updates.

French Presidential Election Results 2017: Pre-poll surveys gave Emmanuel Macron the edge of Marine Le Pen
French Presidential Election Results 2017: Pre-poll surveys gave Emmanuel Macron the edge of Marine Le Pen

Paris, May 7: The results of French Presidential elections would be declared today. The runoff poll is underway between centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen. Polling is scheduled to conclude at 17:00 GMT. The first trends and results would emerge at 18:00 GMT. Stay tuned below to receive realtime live updates of the election results.

The presidential poll in France turned the most intriguing, as compared to past few decades, due to the rise of Marine Le Pen’s National Front. The entry of the ultra-conservative leader in the fray divided the French electorate on class and ethnic lines. While Macron continues to score above Le Pen in cosmopolitan constituencies of France, the latter holds sway over the underdeveloped countryside, where migrants have failed to penetrate. The latest polls have also shown that the urban middle and upper class are strongly behind Macron, whereas, the low-income group is backing Le Pen.

The opinion polls so far have shown Macron taking the lead against le Pen. In the most recent survey before the election run-off, Macron was projected winner with 62 per cent votes, whereas, Le Pen was expected to bag 37 per cent. However, the latter has rejected the claims made by the pre-poll surveys. “There is a chance that I would spring a surprise. You (media) wants to project that I am losing. But the French voters would not be dictated by your reportage,” she said, while addressing a press conference on Thursday.

Among major promises made by the two leaders, there appears to be a deep contrast. While Macron has vowed to rejuvenate the economy by building strong trade ties with members of European Union, Le Pen has vowed to break away from the EU in order to “secure the national borders”.

On immigration, Le Pen has vowed to impose a “Trump-style ban” on immigrants from Muslim countries. She has further assured to reduce the total number of immigrants entering France each year to 10,000. On the other hand, Macron has advocated for liberal border policies, saying, “France should not stand in isolation. We are part of the EU and part of the world.”

Stay tuned for the live updates of election results below.

ERN Staff News May 7, 20177:55 pm
The euro has hit a six-month high against the US dollar as financial traders react to the French election results. On Sunday the single currency rose to $1.102 on Sunday morning.
ERN Staff News May 7, 20177:44 pm
Some interesting facts shows that around 43 per cent of Emmanuel Macron’s voters cast their ballot for him to keep out Le Pen; only 39 per cent of voters would like the new president of France to have an absolute majority.
ERN Staff News May 7, 20177:39 pm

United States President Donald Trump joins chorus of world leaders and congratulates Emmannuel Macron for winning the crucial presidential election.

ERN Staff News May 7, 20177:38 pm

ERN Staff News May 7, 20177:32 pm
United States President Donald Trump congratulated Emmannuel Macron. Before the first round vote last month had said that Marine Le Pen was “the strongest” candidate.
ERN Staff News May 7, 20177:24 pm
Emmannuel Macron, a former economy minister who ran as a “neither left nor right” promised to shake up the French political system. Emmannuel Macron took 65.1% to Le Pen’s 34.9%, according to initial projections from early counts.
ERN Staff News May 7, 20177:20 pm
The pro-EU centrist Emmanuel Macron has won the French presidency election with a decisive victory over the far-right Marine Le Pen.
ERN Staff News May 7, 20177:00 pm
At 39, Emmanuel Macron will become France’s youngest president.
ERN Staff News May 7, 20176:57 pm
German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman said that she welcomed Emmanuel Macron’s victory as “a victory for a strong united Europe and for Franco-German friendship”.
ERN Staff News May 7, 20176:55 pm
Emmanuel Macron in his first statement said, “A new chapter in our long history has started this evening. I would like it to be one of hope and of renewed confidence”.
ERN Staff News May 7, 20176:53 pm
Francois Hollande tweeted, “I have called Emmanuel Macron to congratulate him warmly on his election. I have expressed all my best wishes for the success of our country”.
ERN Staff News May 7, 20176:52 pm
Francois Hollande, the outgoing French President has congratulated his successor, who until barely less than two years ago was his economy minister.
ERN Staff News May 7, 20176:43 pm
The results are in Emmanuel Macron will become the next President of France.
ERN Staff News May 7, 20176:41 pm

France says NO to Fascism once again and elects centrist Emmanuel Macron as President.


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