Firozabad District Important Contact Numbers: Phone No. of Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), DM, SP, DSP, Additional Commissioners, Dy Collectors, Tahsildars & Others


Firozabad, Oct 18: The district of Firozabad lies in the Agra division of Uttar Pradesh. The district has a total population of 24,96,761 people, which is approximately equal to the population of Kuwait. In terms of density, an average of 1,044 inhabitants are found per square kilometre. The district sprawls over a vast area of 2,362 sq km, which makes it the 173rd largest district out of the 640 across the nation. Below is the contact list of Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), District Magistrate (DM), Superintendent of Police (SP), DSP, Additional Commissioners, Deputy Collectors, Tahsildars and others. (ERN), in the table attached below, provides the must-save phone numbers for the Firozabad district residents and its diaspora across the nation.

Located in western Uttar Pradesh, Firozabad is bounded by Agra to the south and Aligarh district to the northeast and Meerut to the north. It has one Lok Sabha constituency.

Firozabad district: Contact no. of SDM, DM, SP, DSP, Additional Commissioners, Dy Collectors, Tahsildars & Others

District Designation Mobile No Place of Posting
FEROZABAD District Magistrate 9454417510 Firozabad
FEROZABAD Additional District Magistrate 9454417581 FIROZABAD
FEROZABAD SDM/Dy.Collector & others 9453573885 Firozabad
FEROZABAD SDM 9454417696 Firozabad
FEROZABAD SDM Shikohabad 9454417697 Shikohabad
FEROZABAD SDM Jasarana 9454417698 Jasarana
FEROZABAD SDM Tundla 9454417699 Tundla
FEROZABAD Tehsildar FZD 9454417701 Firozabad
FEROZABAD Tehsildar FZD 9454417701 Firozabad
FEROZABAD Tehsildar 9454417702 Shikohabad
FEROZABAD Tehsildar 9454417703 Tundla
FEROZABAD Tehsildar 9454417704 Jasarana
FEROZABAD Nayab Tehsildar 9454417705 Jasarana
FEROZABAD Nayab Tehsildar 9454417706 Shikohabad
FEROZABAD Nayab Tehsildar 9454417708 Tundla
FEROZABAD Nayab Tehsildar 9454418953 Firozabad
FEROZABAD BDO 9454464496 Firozabad
FEROZABAD BDO 9454464498 Eka
FEROZABAD BDO 9454464502 Jasarana
FEROZABAD BDO 9454464504 Araw
FEROZABAD BDO 9454464505 Madanpur
FEROZABAD BDO 8004418144 Araw
FEROZABAD BDO 9411411519 Jasarana
FEROZABAD BDO 9556266188 Eka
FEROZABAD BDO 9557340940 Shikohabad


Firozabad’s population grew at 21.62 per cent between the period of 2001-2011. In terms of sex ratio, the district has 867 females per 1000 males. 74.6 per cent of the population is literate.


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