Bhiwandi Municipal Corporation Election Results 2017 LIVE: Battle among Congress, BJP, Shiv Sena, NCP and Samajwadi Party; Counting to start at 10 am

The Elections in Bhiwandi were held on Wednesday, May 24 and the results will be out today.


Bhiwandi 26th May,2017: On 24th May, 2017 election was held for Bhiwandi Nizampur City Municipal Corporation (BNMC), where the political parties contested over 90 seats in BNMC. As per the Government of Maharashtra Act, 2002, BNMC is considered as corporation which is responsible for carrying out administrative functions in the industrial township of Bhiwandi, which is a city in Thane district in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Bhiwandi is well connected by roadways and railways and it is situated 47km away from Mumbai, 17km from Thane and 15km from Kalyan. Bhiwandi houses lots of warehouses and can also be considered as major logistical hub around Mumbai due to its excellent connectivity and ample space availability for setting up of warehouse. Bhiwandi is most popularly known as “Manchester of India” as great amount of textiles industries are running in Bhiwandi. Currently Bhiwandi has about half a million power looms. In 1927, the first textile loom was set up by Khan Saheb Samad Seth. There is great scope available for making Bhiwandi the topmost industrial hub of the country by bringing about more development and introduction of modern amenities in this town. Due to introduction of LBT, Octroi was abolished from 21st May, 2013 in Bhiwandi.

The previous BNMC election was held in the year 2012. During last election Indian National Congress party fared well by securing 26 seats,being the topmost party amongst BJP,Shiv Sena and Nationalist Congress Party(NCP). The second topmost in past election was Shiv Sena bagging 16 seats. BJP won 8 and NCP managed 9 seats in the election held in 2012.

List of Candidates from Shiv Sena Results:

Ward Candidate Party Name Win/Lose
1 Patil Sharad Shiv Sena
Rajani Shriniwas Shiv Sena
Shaikh Johrabi Shiv Sena
Parmar Basant Shiv Sena
3 Patil Tejas Shiv Sena
Dhude Baby Shiv Sena
Tanekar Verba Shiv Sena
Narendra Singh Shiv Sena
4 Thakre Ravindra Shiv Sena
Joshi Nikita Shiv Sena
Anari Shaahin Shiv Sena
Baan Anujar Shiv Sena
6 Tupsakhre Vaishnavi Shiv Sena
Swati Deepak Trivedi Shiv Sena
Shyam Pandu Shiv Sena
Dumbre Vishal Shiv Sena
9 Naagre Jyoti Shiv Sena
Shigvan Acharna Shiv Sena
Karnkar Savita Shiv Sena
Gosarni Kishore Shiv Sena
Ansari Rashida Baano Shiv Sena
12 Sanjay Gupta Shiv Sena
13 Manisha Sunil Dandekar Shiv Sena
14 Divekar Sulochna Shiv Sena
Aasha Vasant Shiv Sena
Anis Siddique Shiv Sena
15 Naik Madan Shiv Sena
Khan Sugravi Shiv Sena
Gulab Madan Shiv Sena
16 Shete Nisha Shiv Sena
Patel Rasila Shiv Sena
Patil Komal Shiv Sena
Maarta Shravan Kumar Shiv Sena
17 Bachute Rahibai Shiv Sena
Kabukar Ranjana Shiv Sena
Kabukar Sanjay Shiv Sena
Kondi Mullesham Shiv Sena
19 Ansari Sakhari Shiv Sena
20 Jadhav Rohini Shiv Sena
Tawre Nanda Naamdev Shiv Sena
Tawre Rajendra Shiv Sena
21 Bhosle Ashok Shiv Sena
Kotkar Vandana Shiv Sena
Chaudhary Alka Shiv Sena
Kotkar Manoj Shiv Sena
22 Supriya Vijay PAtil Shiv Sena
Chaudhary Tushar Shiv Sena
Kamlakar Parshuram Shiv Sena
23 Chaudhary Narayan Shiv Sena
Bajage Lalita Shiv Sena
Chaudhary Asmita Shiv Sena


List of Candidates from Congress Results:



Party Name


1 Chavhan Sapna Congress
2 Ansari Namra Congress
Misbah Imran Khan Congress
Imran Wali Mohammad Congress
Hussain Congress
3 Bhagat  Rahidas Congress
Patil Bhavna Congress
Rai Anamika Congress
Ansari Sakiullah Congress
4 Arshad Aslam Congress
Ansari Shabnam Congress
Siddiki Anjum Congress
Raut Arun Congress
5 Momin Malik Congress
Ansari Jarina Congress
Ansari Shamim Congress
Bahuddin Faraz Congress
6 Shete Sayali Gajanan Congress
Raka Rasika Congress
Momin Parvez Congress
Dalvi Javed Gulam Congress
7 Momin Sajeda Baano Congress
Rabiya Makbul Hasan Congress
Monin Siraaj Congress
Ansari Mohammad Wasim Congress
8 Mohammad Tallah Sharif Congress
Shaikh Shakira Baano Congress
Shaikh Samina Sohail Congress
Momin Shaaf Congress
9 Lad Prashant Ashok Congress
Farzana Ismail Mirchi Congress
Ansari Sabia Congress
Ansari Tafazul Hussain Congress
10 Ansari Juber Congress
Ansari SHifa Congress
Khan Kashaf Congress
Baan Arif Mohammad Congress
11 Momin Niha Hilal Congress
Ansari Reshma Bano Congress
Bhagat Vijay Bhagwan Congress
Ansari Nasrulla Congress
12 Khan Nadiya Congress
Ansari Nazma Baano Congress
Ansari Sajid Hussain Congress
Ansaari Mo Halim Congress
14 Firoza Shaikh Congress
Yakub Ansari Congress
Mirza jakir Congress
Khan Matlub Congress
15 Momin Mohammad Congress
Khan Abrunisa Congress
Chaudhary Fardabaano Congress
18 Kamurti SIddheshwar Congress
Mahatre Aaradhna Congress
Tawre Medha Congress
Ansari Zuber Congress
19 Ansari Shakil Congress
Khan Uzma Congress
Ansari Nazma Congress
Khan Mukhtar Ahmad Congress
20 Jagtap Prajakta Congress
Mahatra Vaishali Congress
Patil Vaibhav Congress
Bhoir Umesh Narayan Congress


List of Candidates from BJP Results:

Ward Candidate Party Name Win/Lose
8 Mitin Ahmad BJP
9 Patil Sanjay Vallabh BJP
Ritika Ravi Sawant BJP
Deshmukh Rohini BJP
Vani Deepak BJP
10 Momin Bashir BJP
Mansuri Juleka BJP
Ansari Nujraha BJP
Ansari Kurban BJP
11 Patil Vaishali BJP
Patil Sanjiv Shripat BJP
12 Ansari Najma BJP
Ansari Kamruniwas BJP
Sayyad Shahadali BJP
Khan Jahid BJP
13 Sanjna Sakharam BJP
Buvera Baliram BJP
14 Sarojini Vasudev BJP
Ansari Ishrat BJP
Manjoor Ahmad BJP
15 Satyanarayan Sambaya BJP
Bilkis Naazir BJP
Prafulla Pradip BJP
16 Kalyadapu Padma Bhumesh BJP
Chaudhary Najma BJP
Kotari Dilip BJP
Naadar Nityanand BJP
17 Gaikwad Nandni BJP
Kalyan Mina BJP
Shetty Santosh BJP
Patil Sumit BJP
18 Patel Kamini BJP
Gaykar Darshana BJP
Sidiko Shaahin BJP
Nakate Suhaas BJP
19 Khan Najma BJP
Daavre Vandana Prakash BJP
Khan Israr BJP
20 Bade Sakharbai BJP
Tawre Anita Shankar BJP
Tawre Prakash BJP
Tawre Yashwant BJP
21 Patil Indubai Vallav BJP
Patil Deepali BJP
Hariya Alpesh BJP
Bhagat Vanita BJP
22 Singam Ambadas BJP
Agrawal Shyam BJP
23 Chaudhary Nilesh BJP
Patil Yogita BJP
Patil Neha BJP


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