Algeria Legislative Election Results 2017 LIVE: Check Winners from 462 seats across 48 wilayas


Algiers, May 4: Legislative elections in Algeria were contested today across the nation. Voting was held in over 53,000 polling centres earmarked by the High Independent Commission for Election Oversight (HICEO). All the 48 wilayas (provinces) went into polls to determine winners from 462 seats to be represented in the national assembly. The counting of votes was scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM (local time), after voting concludes. The results are expected to be out within few hours after the polling concludes. Stay tuned with for all the live updates, results and list of winners in the Algerian legislative elections 2017.

In the 2012 Algerian legislative election, the results emerged in favour of the ruling party National liberation Front (FLN). The party led by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika won 208 seats, whereas, the distant first runner-up was National Rally for Democracy (RND), which secured 68 seats. Both the parties formed an alliance to form the majority in the national assembly.

The Green Algerian Alliance, a coalition of three Islamist parties, emerged as the prime Opposition. The Green Algerian Alliance consists of the Movement for National Reform (Islah), Islamic Renaissance Movement (Ennahda) and the Movement of Society for Peace (Hamas). The coalition had retained 49 seats.

The Algerian legislative elections 2017 was primarily contested on the issues related to employment, falling wages and lack of investment. The RND led a fierce campaign against FLN in a bid to expand its electoral share.

Apart from electioneering, increasing the electoral participation remained a concern for all political stakeholders. A unanimous appeal was made by all political parties to the electorate to exercise their right to franchise. To instill confidence among voters, President Bouteflika had announced the formation of HICEO in February, under the leadership of Islamist leader Abdelwahab Derbal.

Parties Leader Results 2012 Results 2017
National Liberation Front Abdelmalek Sellal 208 165
National Rally for Democracy Ahmed Ouyahia 68 94
Green Algeria Alliance (MSP—Nahda—Islah) Bouguerra Soltani 49 38
Front of Socialist Forces Hocine Aït Ahmed 27 15
Workers’ Party Louisa Hanoune 24 10


Stay tuned for live updates of Algeria’s legislative elections results. The trends, results and updates would be provided as soon as polling concludes.

ERN Staff News May 5, 20178:13 pm

Here are the results which have emerged so far. The official tally would be released by Ministry of Interior within the next 48 hours.

ERN Staff News May 5, 20178:12 pm

ERN Staff News May 5, 20178:11 pm

The voter turnout recorded in Algerian legislative election is 38.5 per cent. In the 2012 elections, 43.3 per cent polling was registered.

ERN Staff News May 5, 201710:38 am

The preliminary results of Algerian living abroad has also been released:

France / Nord: 1 seat for the FLN, 1 seat for the FFS.
France / Sud: 1 seat for the FLN, 1 seat for the El-Mostaqbal Front.
Zone III – Tunisia: 1 seat for the RND.

ERN Staff News May 5, 201710:18 am

The preliminary results are out for all the 48 provinces. The FLN is leading on 165 seats. The ruling party has suffered a setback, as it had won nearly 208 seats in the previous elections. The National Democratic Rally (RND) has emerged as the biggest gainer in this round of polls, increasing its tally to 101. The Front For Socialist Forces (FFS) have emerged victorious on 15 seats, whereas, the Workers’ Party is ahead on 10. 26 Independent candidates are also poised to emerge as winners.

ERN Staff News May 5, 20179:40 am

In the 2012 elections, FLN had 208 seats. However, it appears to be losing its grip in this round of polls. As per trends, the ruling party would be reduced to 162. The RND is expected to expand its electoral share, jumping from 68 (in 2012) to 101 seats.

ERN Staff News May 5, 20179:39 am

ERN Staff News May 5, 20179:34 am

The Green Algeria Alliance led by Hamas is expected to win 40 seats, as per the claims made by the coalition.

ERN Staff News May 5, 20179:34 am

ERN Staff News May 5, 20179:24 am

As per the latest updates, FLN has taken the lead on 156 seats. The RND is reportedly ahead on 101. The remaining seat have been divided in a miniscule manner among the smaller parties. The Green Algeria Alliance is expected to emerge as the prime Opposition winning 38 seats, as per reports.

ERN Staff News May 5, 20179:17 am

ERN Staff News May 5, 20179:08 am

As per the early trends emerging from 44 provinces, the ruling FLN has taken the lead on 159 seats, whereas, the RND is leading on 101. The Green Algerian Alliance led by Islamist party MSP, or Hamas, is leading on 38. The Independent candidates are ahead on 21, whereas, the Front For Socialist Forces is leading on 15. The Rally for Culture and Democracy has taken the lead on 5 seats. Stay tuned for more.

ERN Staff News May 5, 20179:06 am

ERN Staff News May 5, 20178:47 am

ERN Staff News May 5, 20178:47 am

According to ruling FLN, the voter participation is higher than 2012.The final figures are expected to be released by HICEO by today afternoon.

ERN Staff News May 5, 20178:41 am

In Alger, the largest province of Algeria, Opposition has succeeded to make a mark. The Workers’ Party is reportedly leading on 10 seats.

ERN Staff News May 5, 20178:40 am

The National Democratic Rally (RND), which had won 68 seats in the 2012 polls, is reportedly leading on 101-102 seats in this round of elections.

ERN Staff News May 5, 20178:39 am

Results have begun to emerge from the Algerian legislative elections. FLN claims to be leading in the 38 of the 48 wilayas.

ERN Staff News May 4, 20177:04 pm

ERN Staff News May 4, 20177:04 pm

ERN Staff News May 4, 20177:03 pm

The total polling registered till 5 PM is stated to be 33.5 per cent. The total voter turnout recorded till 7 PM would be released shortly.

ERN Staff News May 4, 20176:01 pm

In some provinces, voting has been increased till 8 PM in the evening, as per the instructions of Interior Ministry.

ERN Staff News May 4, 20175:59 pm

Till 2 PM local time, the polling percentage recorded was 15.58. Authorities were aiming for a bumper turnout in the second half of the day, to register an electorate turnout similar to the previous legislative elections. In 2012, 43.3 per cent voter turnout was recorded.

ERN Staff News May 4, 20175:47 pm

No instance of violence was reported in the legislative elections across the 48 wilayas. The International observers from Arab League and African Union hailed the efforts taken by HICEO for ensuring free and fair elections, reported Algerian Press Service.

ERN Staff News May 4, 20174:01 pm

However, a section of Algerian electorate have marked dissent against the establishment, with the extent of calling the ongoing polls as facade. Two podcasts were released earlier in the week calling the youth to boycott the elections. The podcasts, uploaded on social media sites, were heard by more than 2 million people.

ERN Staff News May 4, 20173:59 pm

The election underway is considered to the most significant political event in the 42-year-old history of Algeria. The nascent political setup is aiming at maximum electoral participation in order to strengthen the democracy.

ERN Staff News May 4, 20173:54 pm

Polling is currently underway across the 48 wilayas in Algeria. Voting is slated to end at 7 PM as per the local time. The ballot counting would be initiated as soon as the polling concludes. Stay tuned for all the latest updates and results.


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